Descriptions & Prices

Individual Cupcake Prices.      Min order 6.                          

Standard £1.50 each                                      

Special from £1.75                           

Extra Special from £2.00 

Giant cupcakes.

Mrs B’s giant cupcakes are a fantastic wow factor cake for any party. They are decorated from the simple cupcake swirl to looking like a flower pot of roses and more.

Standard £40.00

Special £50.00

Extra special from £55.00

Matching Mini Cupcakes.  Min order 24.

If you’re ordering large cupcakes why not order some mini cupcakes to make your display even more exciting. These can be made to co-ordinate with your large cupcakes and are baked in petit four cases.

Mini cupcake from 75p      

Cake Pops.

Cake Pops are a fantastic product that are very versatile for any occasion, Weddings ,Parties, Christenings, Corporate, Fairs etc etc. Mrs B’s chocolate fudge brownie cake pops come in many designs and colour's to suit your occasion. 

Themed cakepops.

Bespoke cakepops are great for themed parties or occasions for example Hello Kitty, Chicks, Bunnies, Sheep, Mini cupcake, Monkey, Bumble Bee, Pigs Pumpkins and many many more


Cakepop Prices.      Min order 6.            

Standard £1.50                         

Special from £1.75

Extra Special from £2.00   

Alcoholic from £2.50          

Children’s Character cakes.

Children’s occasions are not complete without a show stopping cake whether it is themed, simple, extravagant or bespoke. Here at Mrs B’s we can create the right cake for you occasion. Mrs B’s can work from a photograph, books ideas that you have come up with or if you want to concentrate on your other plans for your occasion we can design your cake for you.

2D Character cakes.

Mrs B’s 2D character cakes come with either a printed cake topper of your choice or a handmade one.  Children often like their favourite cartoon or programme character but we can also print a photograph onto your chosen cake too. The prices below also include either a piped message or letters on your cake.

From £30.00

3D character cakes.

Mrs B’s 3D character cakes can bring your chosen design of cake to life. These cakes all come with handmade 3D characters from Alice in Wonderland, animals children and adults and any else in between.

From £50.00

Christening Cakes.

Christenings are a fabulous time to celebrate with family and friends so why not choose an extra special cake to mark the occasion. As times are changing you may not want to have the traditional Bible book cake but something more contemporary or fun. You can choose from a simple 1 tier cake up to 2 or 3 tiers for your special day.

From £50.00

Corporate Cakes.

Businesses are always looking for new ways of advertising and here at the B’hive we can offer any business just that. Businesses across the Northwest are often attending exhibitions, team building, conferences, shows and meetings so why not do something different to any other business and have cakes or cookies with your business logo on. Cupcakes are also a great product to have in your meetings not only do they go with nice fresh Tea or Coffee but you can also have your client’s logo on these too.

Logo cakes.

 These cakes are covered in white  icing and your/client business logo on the top.

From £35.00

Logo cupcakes.          Min order 6.

Cupcakes are topped with vanilla frosting and your/client business logo on the top.

From £1.50 each                                                                  


Logo Cookies.    Min order 6.

 Cookies are available in many shapes and come with your/client business logo on the top.                                                                                                                             

Cookie from 70p each.                                 

Cake Toppers.

Sometimes you may have an occasion whereby you might want to put all your love, care and attention into making your own cake/cupcakes but don’t know what to decorate your cake with. Mrs B’s can offer you a service to create the perfect personalised cake topper for you. There are many many cake toppers to choose from, from the simplest of shapes to a full figure and more.

*please note that figures and other large cake toppers require  5 days notice in order for the toppers to go off.

Mini gift cakes.

Mini gift cakes are a lovely if you want to surprise someone with something special from graduations, you’ve passed, i love you, Happy Birthday, get well soon etc. Mrs B’s mini gift cakes come in many designs or if you have your own idea we can make this for you too. You can also opt for your cake to be wrapped and finished with ribbon.

Mini gift cake prices.

                             Size                    Shape                                    Sponge        Fruit

 Standard            6”                       round & square from         £25.00        £35.00

Special                 6”                       round & square from         £35.00        £45.00

Bespoke Novelty cakes.

Personal preference is key when you are looking for your special cake and on some occasions you may not be able to find what you are looking for. Mrs B’s bespoke cake design service may just be thing for you. Together we can discuss exactly what your requirements are and from there we will be able to create the perfect cake for your occasion. Mrs B’s cannot give exact prices for our bespoke cakes but can give you a starting price guide of £30.00

Wedding cakes.

Wedding cakes over the years have changed from design to design considerably. The wide choice that you can choose from is fantastic. Here at Mrs B’s we can create cakes from the simple and small to the most extravagant with many tiers. The cakes range from traditional, contemporary to humorous cakes.

The price of your cake will naturally depend on the size and number of tiers and the complexity of the design and decorati

There are many flavours of cakes you can choose from, Vanilla, Raspberry & white chocolate, Strawberry, Chocolate, Coffee, Carrot, Madeira, Coffe & walnut, Sticky  ginger, Lemon, Toasted Coconut, Toffee, Apple & Cinnamon, Cherry & Almond, Lemon drizzle, matured brandied fruit.............


We can advise you on the size and number of cakes you require to feed your guests but this table will help you to estimate the number of portions your cakes will yield.

The following gives an approximate number of portions


Portion guide for fruit cakes (aproximate)


Round cake portions

Square cake portions

15cm (6in)



20cm (8in)



25cm (10in)



30cm (12in)



36cm (14in)



Portion guide for sponge cakes(aproximate)


Round cake portions

Square cake portions

15cm (6in)



20cm (8in)



25cm (10in)



30cm (12in)



36cm (14in)



*A minimum of 4 week’s notice is required for all Wedding cake orders. However if Mrs B’s can accommodate on short  notice then we will happily do our utmost to create your order.

Seasonal cakes.

 Throughout the year we celebrate so many different holidays and events that what better to do this than with a cake/cupcakes /cakepops or cookies.  Holidays and events include, Valentines, Christmas, St Georges day, Easter, Fathers day etc.

There are so many different designs from the very simple to the most extravagant and our seasonal cakes are available in any size and can either be boxed or gift wrapped and finished with ribbon.

Terms & Conditions.

A 30%  non refundable deposit is required at the time of ordering for all cakes and for Wedding cakes the balance is due 6 weeks before the Wedding date. All other cake balances are due upon delivery/ collection or alternatively you can pay in full when ordering.

You can make payments for your order by the following, cash or internet banking.

Your order and date are not secure unless a non refundable deposit has been paid.

For any other questions you may have regarding any of our products  please call 07974 430 030 or email